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Truck Weighbridge

Truck Weighbridge

General Discription

The Frizzell Weighbridges are designed to provide cost effective modular units capable of weighing most heavy truck and trailer combinations. The units have a high accuracy and flexibility. From weigh pads to full bridges our modular design allows units to be combined to provide up to 30 tonnes of capacity and 9.8 meters long.

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Built strong

The Frizzell weighbridges are built from steel to give long life and rugged construction. Each platform is supported by two steel I beams, with cross braces built as a unit. The platform is separate from the base and is made of reinforced steel chequer plate.


Single axle units are designed around 600mm square pads. For larger bridges, base weighing units are 2470mm long and 900mm wide, two units sit side by side to provide a modular weighbridge 2.9 meters wide with 15 tonnes capacity. Using Span Units the bridge can be extended in multiples of 2.4 meters with increased weight capacity.


  • Individual platform size: 247mm X 900mm
  • Height above floor 200mm
  • Load cells : four per weigh unit. Eight per weighbridge section.
  • Total maximum rated weight 30 tonnes. For a 7.4meter unit.
  • Load Cell performance: non-linearity +-0.02%F.S. Repeatability +-0.02% F.S. Temperature effect on output +-0.02% F.S./10 degrees K. Compensated Temperature Range –10C to 60C Scales calibrated to better than 1% F.S. Safety overload 150% F.S.

Single axle 600mm X 600mm single weigh pads

Two axle Weighbridge

Truck Weighbridge

Portable Weighbridge

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We can supply weighing systems for silos and bins please enquire for prices.

* Please note prices exclude delivery, setting up costs, and or certification costs. Costs may vary depending on options.

All units have 1 years guarantee with full technical and maintenance backup.

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