Simple rules for weighing.

Their is often confusion over the need to use weights and certified scales. The law and the rules are fairly straight forward. If you sell goods by weight they need to be sold on scales that are certified for trade. If they are a retail food item they must be sold by weight.
Scales that are certified for trade can be issued with a certificate of accuracy by a person that is qualified ( QP) under the weights and measures act. The certificate of accuracy is issued by the QP after checking that the weighing instrument meets the accuracy levels on the scales certificate.

It is the operators responsibility to ensure that the weighing instrument continues to weigh accurately. Scales can be used after the certificate of accuracy has expired but the operator leaves them selves open to a higher degree of risk if a problem occurs.
Product that are sold on weight are checked at the retail level by government inspectors and action is likely to be taken if goods that are sold are under weight. If you have any questions about weighing and sale of goods please contact us.

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