Solar Chargers

We stock and sell a wide range of solar panels and chargers at very competitive prices.

10 Watt Solar Panel with Regulator and clips

All of our 12 volt chargers come complete with solar panel, Adjustable mounting brackets, Voltage regulator and battery cable clips and cable.

These units are ideal for charging lead acid batteries, to run electric fence units, water pumps, irrigation controllers, lighting and many more uses on the farm or where mains electricity is not available.

The panels are tough and have a design life of 20 years and can be mounted on a flat surface or on its brackets so they can be moved to follow the sun. Great for use in Agriculture, home or on a yacht or boat or camping.

The units are designed for outdoor use, they are water proof, Rust Proof, and mounted in a UV protected Polycarbonate case. the panel is monocrystalline for compact size, high efficiency and long life.

Free Advice: We can supply larger units or advise on appropriate units for your use.

Standard units:
10 watt for $118.00,
20 watt for $165.00,
50 watt for $240.00.
100 watt for $380.00
250 watt for $500.00

Note all units include regulators. Prices net of G.S.T.