Agricultural Scales

All our Scales are designed to be used to weigh a wide range of animals and commodities and to accommodate a range of crates and containers.

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Key Features:

FS1500XF Scales Indicator

  • Gross platform and load weight 750kg, 1500kg or 5000kg
  • Readability 0.5kgs (2kg for FS5000XF)
  • Self adjusting Auto Zero
  • Tare up to rated weight
  • Weight lock, accumulation etc and Custom Load Bars available
  • LCD Display
  • 12V battery connection cable
  • Rechargeable Battery (not on FS750 model)
  • Back light.

Rugged: The load bars and display has been constructed to ensure a strong, robust instrument for farm use. Load bars are rated to 2t impact loading. Display is in lockable water proof heavy duty box.

Simple to use: The unit is designed to be easy to install and operate. Once installed the unit needs no further adjustments or maintenance.
Accurate: Load bars are accurate to 0.05% of FSV. A micro computer controlled display unit ensures rapid response combined with excellent stability.



FS1500XF Indicator with loadbars and chargers

  • FS750XF Starter scales rated to 750kg with load bars. A practical accurate model designed for the small farmer or basic farm use at a very attractive price. Suitable for sheep, goats, yearling cattle and lifestyle blocks. Price: $995.00 + GST


  • FS1500XF Rugged scales to weigh 1.5tonnes, Includes rechargable battery and lockable sealed case, mounting frame, custom load bars. Suitable for sheep, cattle, horses, pallet and industrial weighing. Price $1110.00 + GST


  • FS5000XF 5 tonne capacity scales. Other specs as the FS1500 scales.  Suitable for heavy duty industrial pallets, feed silos, fertilizer and silage wagons. Price: $1480.00 + GST


Colour touchscreen is currently under testing and will be available soon. All currently sold units will be compatible.

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  • paul Froriep says:

    is fs1500xf computer compatable and does it work with mini reader,How long does the internal battery last weighing

  • Lisa Riddell says:

    Hi Paul. The battery will last around 8 hours. We always recommend charging the unit after every use. Unfortunately these aren’t computer or mini EID reader compatible at this stage, maybe later on.

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