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As the price of solar energy decreases and electricity prices increase solar irrigation and water systems are becoming more and more affordable and economic.

Solar Pump Systems Prices

We can supply Solar Water systems pumping over 50 litres per second and several hundred cubic metres per day and many hundreds of metres vertical. With a full solar design package (see example below) we can give you month by month design for pumping requirements tailored to your area.

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From your address we calculate how much solar energy is available at your location (including mountain obstruction etc) and from that we can match the best solar panel and pump package to deliver what is required. The picture below (click on it for a larger version) shows for 111 Tramway Rd, Kirwee the amount of energy at different times of the year and also different times during the day. On the picture below you can see an almost clear skyline apart from a small amount of cover from the Southern Alps.

Solar Energy


We can then create a graph showing how many litres per day (average) during each month and maximise daily delivery and reduce cost.


Once the system has been designed the smart electronics in the controller uses MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology to maximise the amount of power utilized by the solar system and a variable frequency inverter runs the pump slower when there is less power and increases the speed of the pump as the energy increases until the pump is at full capacity. For more information on our inverter/controllers click here.

All of our gear comes with full warranties and with years of comprehensive service and backup support you know that our quality and service is second to none!

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