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If you require any more information on any products or require assistance, our friendly team are able to be contacted via email: and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can. 

Map of Frizzell – How to find us

Frizzell – How to find us?


Contact Details:

Phone: +64-3-318 1333


Physical Address: 111 Tramway Rd, Kirwee

Postal Address: PO Box 32 Kirwee 7543

Canterbury, New Zealand


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Links – ‘Fertigation’ is the technique of supplying dissolved fertiliser to crops through an irrigation system.
When combined with an efficient irrigation system both nutrients and water can be manipulated and managed to obtain the maximum possible yield of marketable production from a given quantity of these inputs. – ‘Spitfire Intelligent Irrigators’ – Farm dairy effluent managed simply, and effectively.Just one pond, thoroughly mixed. Irrigate the solids and the liquids together at the right time and in the right quantities. Recycle water so that the pond size is reduced; you irrigate less and the irrigation costs are reduced – ‘Highfield Machinery’ a family run business located in Kirwee outside of Christchurch specialising in bringing all your farming needs and services to one place. Their website allows farmers to find and advertise machinery as well as look up dealers and contractors in their area.

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