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Frizzell - The Factory

Frizzell – The Factory

Welcome to Frizzell Ltd, for the past 15 years we have created leading electronic measurement systems and agricultural solar water and lighting specifically targeting farmers, horticulturist’s and amenity managers. We design and manufacture tools that can improve your efficiency, conserve valuable resources and just make your busy day a little less complicated. Frizzell’s current range of products covers:

Frizzell products have been designed specifically to withstand the rigours of the New Zealand agricultural and horticultural environment. We aim to produce versatile, rugged, easy to use tools for our clients.

The Boss

alastairThe many people who have contacted us have probably dealt with Alastair Frizzell at some stage. Growing up on a farm and earning a Batchelor of Agricultural Science from Lincoln University in Canterbury Alastair has been immersed in agricultural and farming his whole life. Working on the farm Alastair started to see opportunities for smarter ways of doing things and by simplifying technology making products cheaper while maintaining quality.

Alastair preaches his Toyota Hilux philosophy by using quality manufacturing techniques to produce good quality gear without adding unnecessary whistles and bells that never get used but increase the cost.

Official suppliers

Frizzell accepts payment by CRT or ATS Cards.

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